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Starseed Indigo, Light worker , Light warrior, Incarnated Earth Angel

astral love  Astral travel, and projections.*Are you experiencing a massive shift within your environment?

*Perhaps you have always felt "odd" but could not understand why?

*Do you notice details others do not?

I am going to break down a few categories in bulletins of 5-10 to help people spark a connection & understanding.

*Lower body temperature.
*Older soul-wise beyond your age.
*A longing to go back home, star gazing. 
(Feeling as you weren't from this planet).
*Enjoy people watching, observing.
*Feel resistant to cultural, political, social
programming on earth. 
(This makes you feel as you do not belong anywhere).
*Intuition is razor sharp.  Build in BS detectors and can recognize when someone is presenting false or dishonest information to them. 
*Truthful (sometimes even BLUNT).
*Great capacity to love, and can feel deeply wounded when they are not reciprocated.
*Extremely sensitive & connected to the spirit of the earth.  Feel extremely affected when creation is disregarded and mistreated.
*Some have 'psychic' abilities.
*Have an intense KNOWING of subjects they never studied or were influenced by.
*Ps. There is some controversy over Indigo's being soul's that have NEVER incarnated before.  During my Angel Certification workshop with Charles Virtue, I asked if this was true.  The answer was, "no, some could be new souls, but other have incarnated before."
*Care Takers of the Earth.
*Those who soothe the soul, inspire the masses, heal the mind and body.
*Lightworkers feel the need to search for themselves/or encourage their children to investigate religions such as: Buddhism, Hinduism, and eastern concepts.
*They are concerned with people living in 3rd world countries.  Actively promoted voluntary groups to aid oppressed people.
*Lightworkers do their function both in public and in private.
*They are those beautiful souls that are sought out when there is another in need.
*Their methods are mostly gentle, nurturing, encouraging, and empowering, or enabling in nature. 
*The lightworker sees the beauty in all things, all the time.
*Those who make known both sides of any issue or topic.
*Those who fight for light & truth, either on the earth or astral realms.
*Lightwarriors can and often do those things that lightworkers do as well, but most often in a one on one setting.
*Lightwarriors tend to be intense, often appearing to lack love and compassion, and speak from a viewpoint of blatant honesty, no matter how blunt & controversional.
*Lightwarriors are blunt and honest in nature, but offering encouragement and support where needed.
*Their approach may range from gentle & nurturing, to a more intense and empowering 'tough love'.
*The lightwarrior is silent, watches the flow of things around them until it's needed to speak up.

The lightwarrior needs the lightworker to see the beauty in all things, to soften and loosen up, and to let the love within them come to the surface.  The lightworker needs the lightwarrior to bring to fight those things which could block or hinder their growth or path.  Therefore, lightwarriors and lightworkers are a balancing factor of one another -they need each other.

***Sometimes there are those perfectly balanced lightworkers who are a perfect balance between a lightworker and a lightwarrior, carrying within traits of both.  This are rare and can serve as examples for lightworkers and lightwarriors alike.  These beautiful souls are balance in their purest form, representing a goal for which all should strive. ***

*They can also see the best in everyone, and sometimes can stay in abusive relationships because of their tolerance and nurturing 'personalities'.
*Incarnated angels often have compulsive eating, or other addictions.  (specially true if they are not spiritually connected).

*Incarnated Angels are generous people, who sometimes has a very difficult time receiving.
*Incarnated Angels (as well as Starseeds) are highly intuitive, but often doubt and do not trust their intuition because they have been 'programmed' to adapt to an earthly/terrestrial life.
*Natural healers and helpers. 
*Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say: "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I simply feel comfortable with you -that I can trust you".
*Have "sweet" child like faces and mannerisms.
*They are often very giving and nurturing.

   This are some of the few descriptions that might help you understand the things you may have experienced your entire life and not realized they were more than "just you".  What I mean by this, I can only speak from my experiences.  At some point in my life I became aware that I had more than 80% of the above experiences, but I always disregard them as JUST MY PERSONALITY TRAITS.  Just me being different.  I was not aware that there were other people world-wide who were also experiencing this connection.  

I did not understand why I was at peace when looking at the stars, and yet felt an intense melancholic feeling.  I did not know how to describe to people the knowledge I had out of nowhere, without influences and studies, I simply knew things.  It was difficult for me to understand why people acted the way they did, and I felt their pain within my own system.  This caused me to want to stay within my own "world" where I was at peace and did not have to deal with "feelings" that I didn't understand their origin.  (For a while, even I questioned weather I was depressed due to this high and low moods that would come & go without explanation).  Even as a child, I did not question ET's (I simply knew that it was arrogant for humans to think they were the only intelligence in this universe).  I have dealt with 'paranormal' episodes from a young age, and I did not understand 'why me'.

In my case, I KNOW that my soul has had many life's in different dimensions.  Not to mention many reincarnations as a process of growth.  Yes, what I am saying is that my soul began it's journey reincarnating for different purposes, and at some point chose to return to this present to help others, to teach, and to live a human experience. This is why I find an almost perfect match to the above descriptions to mention just a few.  (Other 'labels' for incarnations are Elementals, Walk-ins, Wise One, Evolving souls, Dabbler etc).

know that my soul is a highly evolved soul that has chosen to incarnate in this present to help those who need me.  (This is not at all coming from arrogance.  I am not better than anyone else, and we all have different purposes.  Weather is to help others, or simply balance out and learn).  I simply speak from the purest light in my body that has shown me in many ways who I am now and why.

See, in my case I did not have a sudden awakening.  Where everything changed and information poured in shaking up my world.  This type of awakening makes me think of an 'emergency room' where you go in due to massive symptoms that are life changing.  
In my case, I feel that I was always awake (open & connected) I simply did not realize I was awake.  (lol) What I mean is I was aware of many things, but I was not aware that all this experiences and knowledge fit into a puzzle, and the only piece missing was my emotional balance.  In my case, after 26 years of not expressing myself and blocking my emotions, I was blinded/plugged by a rubber band mess of emotions.  Once this last piece was placed, I could see the entire picture.  This is why I enjoy helping others through my Holistic Angel Therapy service.  I know from experience the amazing difference that can make to be in balance and have all your puzzle pieces put together (smiles).

I no longer have the anxiousness to go back home.  I know that when my soul has completed it's purpose, I will then return to be part of the universe again.  Until then, I am here to teach and to learn, to make a difference.

I hope this has helped you sparked an interest to learn more about your higher self, or perhaps someone in your family.  Please feel free to leave me a comment with your own experiences, or questions I will be glad to get to know you and help you as well.

*smiles~Hugs~Blessings~ Sandy Fabiola*

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Wendy on Saturday, July 16, 2011 7:33 AM
Hi Fabi. I am an incarnated angel. I know. Im 36 years and most people are quite astonished that I am 36 years. Most people think im 17 or 18 or just out of school sometimes. This can be quite embarrising I have had many spiritual experiences I have had a very tough life i just feel as a angel not of human orgin not better just different i am not designed for earth existence. I do have trouble receiving which i need to learn not to be. Although I look young i am adrogonous. I have been on benefits for two years i cant get a job and dont think i will again even though i always worked before. Everything stopped after my awakening. I do pretty much nothing i have been shown I have to be somewhere but I dont want to. So nothing seems to happen. I also have bare minimum financially im suported by goverment schemes on earth. And alothigh i donthave not much money i just scrape by with this financial support on earth. Do you feel angels have a problem manifesting any kind of happiness on earth? I seem to. I often go out of my body at sleep time for respite and I have experienced dark entities attack me during sleep times.
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Fabi on Sunday, July 24, 2011 3:21 PM
Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story. It is the beginning of your new path to not only confirm your inner knowing, but publicly speak your mind and heart. ...It feels great, I know. *smiles* I can relate to the age gap of what people think, and the reality. I am 28yrs old and I often get carded and asked if I know what I will do after I graduate high school! lol. ...don't think of it as an embarrassing situation, just know that when you turn 60, people will think that you are in your 40, and there is nothing embarrassing about that! (wink). Yes, it is very difficult to live this existence when you feel out of place. As if you aren't sure WHY you are so different, and it gets a little tough too after you have realized the why, but do not how to live for your life purpose. ...I am thankful to have been able to experience this myself and now be able to help others live the life they are happy with and deserve. Many incarnated Angels have a difficult time receiving. They LOVE giving, but we all need to learn a balance in this. Can you tell me more about how everything stopped after your awakening? I have seen Angels have a difficult time manifesting and receiving what they are worth, because they feel heavily to help others FIRST. ...and this cycle can end if the person truly desires it. Finances seems to be an issue for everyone in this time of shift. However, we need to find our passions and work within that range of field. Let me ask you something Wendy, If you didn't have to worry about finances what would be your dream job? You astral travel, and you have been attacked whille in this realm? or your physical body while you are in spirit realm? Look forward to chatting with you. *Angel/Reiki smiles n Hugs~Fabi*

Nicole on Monday, October 15, 2018 8:58 AM
Hun, you need to start putting up protection barriers. I usually put up 3 barriers before nightfall since I'm under attack 2-3 times a night. The entities like to crawl around on the outside of the main barrier I put up. I've also started counterattacking on them as well. Imagine building a wall/net around your house, put in doorways to push dark entities out of your safe zone, and imagine pushing them out through them with a shock wave/wave of light. Next put a metallic bubble around your self, have it go 12 feet out at least, this will allow positive influences in and give you a buffer from the negative influences. You can use your heart and two wing chakras to form a triangle to run up and down the body and use the your wings as a lice nit comb to clear out implants or parasites. Also use the golden ball above your head, imagine it purifying you and dripping the evil away. An angel has 13 chakras. Use the one's in the feet to send out light waves to santify/purify the area where you walk. Use the heart/hand/wing chakras to build barriers. Good luck. - Angel of the Dakotas

Carolina on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 1:18 PM
Hi! I´m confused. I have most the traits of starseed, light workers and light warrior. When I was a child I couldn´t recognise my family, they looked like strangers to me. I always loved stars, looking at them, decorating my room with them. I experienced pshychic phenomena, some pleasant others violent. I blocked most of my psychic abilities for fear of turning mad. Involuntarily I "travelled" to a city of light when meditating several times that feels like home. Nowadays I´m going through an intense spiritual growth and I´m seeing things with huge clarity. I feel there´s an important mission I have to fullfil, something related to guiding others. Can you give me your opinion? Thank you so much
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Fabi on Saturday, November 26, 2011 11:09 PM
Dear Carolina: TY for sharing your experiences publicly. I know it may be a confusing journey of awareness. My advice would be to weigh in your characteristics on a balance. Which one weighs more? You said you have "most", what percentage is most? I am hearing that "you are a Starseed Indigo, and that you resonate with some of the other descriptions because it is a true part of your being. (Many starseed Indigos share common characteristics with lightworker/lightwarriors because in essence that is part of their purpose)". Aww... how beautiful, I am so happy that you currently find yourself through a process of growth. Clarity is an amazing gift, be sure to always be thankful for this. Have you taken any kind of classes/workshops/meditations recently? If you haven't, you will find it useful to do so. To build a better connection and understanding to your life purpose. Where do you live Carolina? (Perhaps one of the classes I will be offering in 2012 or a Holistic Angel Communication Session with 'us' (myself and divine guides) can help clear more of your questions and help you understand your purpose). I hope this helps. Stay bright... Reiki/Angel hugs & blessings. *smiles~ Fabi Salazar*

Craig on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 7:11 PM
hi Fabi, I stumbled upon your site quite by accident, and yet realize i was led here. I have been in great turmoil recently as I have had a woman I loved very much leave because I was "two people" and it scared her. This has lead me on a soul search of awareness.... and in reading your site can add to what I have learned. I have been a lightwarrior but not just. I have been a warrior in past lives. this I know. I have been trained as one in this life too, but it is only part of who I am. I can relate completely to starseed and to lightworker... but incarnated angels seems to nail it completely. I have recently developed clairaudience and my intuition has always been razor sharp. I am in the process of rebuilding my life, after an abusive marriage, divorce and raising a child with disabilities. I believe I broke at one point, and what I can tell you, is that I absolutely felt and recognized the comfort of devine comfort and love wrap around me and lift me up.... and over a period of about 6 months, my insight and abilities have developed exponentially. I am still hurt and have a hard time understanding why someone who loved me would not love all of me, but it seems that my "light warrior" side, that sometimes surfaces when I feel threatened, frightened her. I am not two people, I am just balanced. I believe that because I can dig deep and get very dark and use controlled violence to bring about peace ~ I can also express a gentle sensitive side without embarassment. I don't know if I am just complex, but I do believe that both extremes bring about balance with a large comfort zone... and realize this is very rare. I have yet to meet anyone with my abilities or capacities.... at least not to the same extreme.... but to what purpose do I exist? I feel drawn to help people heal, but know not how... I am currently seeking a Reiki Master to take me on as a student.... and trust in god and the universe that my path will become clear when the time is right. until then though, I sure hope that I don't frighten away any more "loves". I find that extremely painful and it causes huge reflections that feel unnecessary but also unavoidable.... Can you offer any insight into what I am experiencing? a more indepth understanding might just make it a little easier moving forward.... thank you in advance. Craig
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Fabi on Saturday, March 17, 2012 11:47 AM
Dear Craig, Thank you for expressing yourself and sharing your story. I can understand being labeled as "multiple personalities". I was in a relationship for almost 4 years, where he didn't understand me either and his way of helping was to suggest to take me to a psychologist. (I knew that a psychologist wouldn't understand me and may be inclined to "solve me with medications"). However, even though you want to shield yourself from the pain that comes with new relationships. You need to keep in mind that EVERY single relationship you have is a karma soul relationship. To help you grow and develop. ...Embrace it. I would suggest that you work with the Universe, your guides and the Archangels to manifest soulmates that ARE awake and AWARE. ...People that are like minded to help you feel less alone. If you are unsure of how to do this I suggest an Angelic 'Talk'. I am very thorough with my sessions and come from pure intention to help. I'm glad you were led to me, remember that nothing is a coincidence or "accident". So try to be aware of this in your everyday life and follow the signs to continue growing. Sending you Angel/Reiki hugs. *smiles~Fabi*

Luck on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:56 PM
My wife and I have been going thru changes as well. Im a lightwarrior, among other things, but my "inner Warrior" has been evident all my life, to the point of EXTREME negativity. I was feared and hated by those that i thought were my family, because i was violent at the thought and feeling of injustice. Society molded me to be a Warrior of Darkness, or so i thought... I had a calling... I took a journey... Im a completely different man...and i have a mission...Im supposed to train, and gather. a bad time is coming and we have to prepare. FIND ME

Jermaine on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 3:47 PM
Hi Fabi, This would be my first time writing on a sight like this and to be honest most times I feel alone. I am 26 now and ever since I was young I knew I was different. Im having a hard time right now with living in this world. I know I am an light warrior. I love to help and give to others, but sometimes I feel like humans will never understand. Ive had dreams being taught with other angels on using our abilities. I have a dark side who actually manifested one day in front of me. To me it seems that no matter how much I help, I always can not find happiness. It seems like I have one foot in this world and another foot in the place where Im from. I know why we came here and that we chose these lessons in a higher realm. The warrior in me is very strong and its getting harder and harder to control. I dont want to give up, but I feel I am reaching my breaking point. I hate money, nowadays it seems like everything is so manipulated by it. I would love to destroy the monetary system. Its an evil that has been allowed to go on. We need change and honestly I feel like the time of sitting on the side line spreading love is moving too slow. Ive helped many people wake up, but sometimes I feel like I dont get anything in return. Not that I need it, but I miss my real home. Its getting harder to balance this world and my world.
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Fabi on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 3:37 PM
Dear Jermaine, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. Welcome to the site, Inhope that by now you may have found other alike sites to befriend others and find a support system. I understand completely, it is quite lonely at times to know that you are different and have a different understanding of the universal laws. Yes, you are correct wealth controls much of the world. However, as part of our contract, we are living and having HUMAN experiences. Therefore we not only need to wake up at out own pace, but make the most of it, while we help others. If you want to make a difference, LIVE by example. Live a Simple life (as much as you can). I know as a lightwarrior you want change NOW, but you need to reach within your inner wisdom and understand that it is a process. It will take time for people to grow and become aware at different rates. But do not worry, lightwarriors are shakers and movers, they take action to bring on change. Know that you are above all a LIGHT being, and as such LIVE with light in your heart and actions. You can control that "darker" side, which it is not dark per say, its simply more impulsive and strong willed. Focus on raising your vibrations. I hear you should wear clear quartz and hematite to protect yourself, cleanse your aura and protect yourself from others actions. I understand that even though you do no need anything in return, you wish the same compassion and love you give would be reciprocated. Know that you need to learn to surrender and not "expect" others to do as you would do. Which equals living simple. Are you familiar with the laws of Reiki? ... "Just for today, I will let go of Anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry. Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings. Just for today, I will work honestly. Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing." ...I recommend you post this message somewhere in your sight, as a reminder to let go of expectations and live in a harmonious simple lifestyle. I wish you the very best to continue your growth as a light being on earth. You already know about your life contract and why you are here. Now consciously accept it and live your life purpose. Much love, light and smiles~Fabi

Scott on Sunday, June 3, 2012 9:39 AM
Hi Fabi, Hoping you can give me some advice. Obviously it's no accident that i found your site.Let me start by saying that i have been fairly isolated with a career at sea for the past 11 years. I am now 39. Anyway everything you posted about knowing all your life but not knowing exactly rings so true. I will also say that i thought i was a lightwarrior from a very young age and that was even the name i gave it. What a shock that when i google it i come here and everything you say rings true.Although incarnated angel rings truer.People always come for me for advice and i remember when i was about 20 i helped a younger neighbour with his problems. After physco analyzing the situation for about 5 hours with him we came to the conclusion his problem was with his dad.Now i cant say that i was specialized in the field but he came to me and i seemed to have some answers. i remember at the end sitting outside saying something like you just have to live and feel the moment and that signs are all around. With that a huge shooting star crossed the sky and the connection of energy which we felt was amazing and he was rather in awe. Now these things didn't happen all the time but i have had qite a few extraodinary things like that happen and just used to shrug them off knowing i knew(kind of). Unfortunately i have not been able to tune my skills our even follow or research down that path.I am a firm believer things happen for a reason and i have recently lost my job.So now googling about this stuff i find there is an overwelhming amount of information, some which even contradicts itself. eg different shamanism, healing, starpeople , gods ,demons. which aliens from what star system represented what time in history eg egyptian mayan ican syrian pleiadian. Who heru, is he good or bad. Lets just say i didnt read books wasn't religious i just new in a higher power of gods and that all religions kinda were trying to teach the same thing that i already knew some how.Now apart from feeling that there is a lot of people awakening and that i have to go clear my energy fields which i have just discoverd are called chakras but always kinda knew. Apart from this i want to start my path on helping others and prepare for what i'm destined for.I feel i have all the qualities inside me but need some advice on tuning them and some research into them but dont know where to start with some of the disinformation out there. You my lovely person wrote words of wisdom and truth which i felt in my heart. I didn't know we could teach to the public, i thought they had to come to us if need be. No disrespect i think that is the light warrior in me from what i just read of yours. I'm used to dealing with people one on one in person when they want to know things.Strange thing is i find it easier to help others but i need a bit of guidence myself now and dont know where to start.As i said i just kind of knew these things, i never studied them so i'm hoping you can point me in the right direction.I would love to come out and see you in person if i could afford it.I bet we would chat for hours hehe. Any guidance on where to start or if you know of anybody in western australia. Any sites you would personally recommend would be very much appreciated. ATM i'm thinking of doing a shamanic course but there is different versions of them too.Hope this all make sense(i'm sure it does haha)I look forward to hearing your words of wisdom as i feel i can trust them.Maybe we will cross paths one day, until then Live Love and Enjoy! Regards, auscoyote
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Fabi on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 4:20 PM
Dear Scott, I am very sorry that it took me this long to reply. I have had several (what seemed endless) technological stumbles. I could read your post, but unable to scroll or reply. I feel we have met before. Part of the same universal family. ...kindred souls. Dear Scott, the reason why you find a few of the categories ringing true with you is b/c you may have experienced other past life's (weather on Earth or other realms of the Universe) where you were a lightwarrior or Incarnated Angel, etc. You do not need to be a "certified" psychologist. People are attracted to you, and confide in you. You are analytical and give great advise b/c you are able to see the problem or situation from all aspects. You give great advice, but sometimes find it difficult to follow that advice yourself. That is an amazing reassurance, the shooting star, that the universe was guiding you to know you were on the right path of your purpose. The universe is always speaking to us, we just need to notice and trust. Sometimes abrupt change, like loss of ones job can be the most magnificant way the universe tries to help us. ALL CHANGE, brings transformation. Do not worry about what contradicts itself, what is true, who is right or wrong. Please understand that all of the knowledge you may find in books are different people having this awakenings and translating it into words. At the end of the day you need to follow what sounds true in your inner knowledge! (Do not overwhelm yourself with too much information). Know that as you open a communication line with the universe, you WILL BE GUIDED. You will have insights, knowing, etc and it is up to you not to shrug it off. Do know that everything happens under divine timing! ...so nothing from your past, was a waste of time. Congratulations on the new leaf of your present. Dear Scott, your words sound just like mine a few years back. I also did not know I could do what I was already doing in the public eye. But you see, change is happening. (as I mentioned to Jermaine above) ...Progress and Change is taking present. We are no longer ridicule by saying "I speak to the Universe and it speaks to me in return"... and even if that was the case, I rather be thought "a hippie child" than feel inadequate with myself. ...By the way, How else do you think you will be able to reach more people unless you put yourself out there? --(smiles)-- Wow, now I understand WHY under divine timing, I couldn't possibly reply to you a few months back when I first read your post. (You see, I surrended to universal guidance. They had been nudging me for a long while to help those who come to me in a deeper level). All the individuals that are been guided to me are at VERY different levels of awareness and growth, and in order to provide better guidance I am offering individualized one on one Online workshops. (Now, I told the Universe, "I was starting really small. Only taking 3 students at a time. To please only guide those to me who understand that they need to make time and effort for their growth"). As amazing as the universal divine timing works. (I haven't even gotten a chance to update the site yet with the details for the workshop, and already I have had 3 individuals asking me about classes). Now, I said only 3 for this cycle, but if you feel you are ready and interested, I can send you more details and gladly make room for you. I bet we would chat for hours. Australia is an amazing place to live. (I haven't been there) but I get quite some traffic from there, and people awakening. Please feel free to email me directly: HARMONIOUSEXPRESSION@YAHOO.COM (all lower cases) so that we can keep in touch and see how your progress is going. I do hope one day to reconnect in physical form Scott. Thank You for your trust. Much love, light and smiles~Fabi

shannon on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 6:00 PM
Hi. I'm new at this all. In fact I just found out last Saturday that I believe in my heart I'm a incarnated angel warrior. I believe I sacrificed myself to come down here and fight for ppl, to protect...for battle. I see images of a sward and wings. That are my sward and wings and thug my wings are not even white. They are dark brown color and they are big. I always loved the dark and wearing dark thing's. How could I know for sure I'm not fooling myself? I feel in my heart It's real but this disappointing world blinds me. What can you tell me? Plz help.
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Fabi on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 4:39 PM
Dear Shannon, I LOVE your choice of words. An Incarnated Angel Warrior! ....sweetheart, the BEST reassurance is that you KNOW and FEEL it True in your heart. Do not doubt yourself. The world is not blinding. It is just beginning to awaken! ...Therefore not ALL will relate, but know that you are not alone in this new found insight and understanding of yourself. (Your post made me extremely happy for you). You see, not only do you have inner knowledge, but you are Clairvoyant, you can see with your 3rd eye, fields of energies, you can see your own wings in detail. CONGRATULATIONS! ((Please do not take yourself for granted)). Let me ask you something. Exactly what will happen if by any chance you are wrong? (do you think that you will all of the sudden stop having this ability?) or perhaps you will loose your inner guidance?? ...Not at all. "You do not need validation child" <-- that is what I heard from divine guidance. But if you trulyhave your heart set on doing a FUN/magazine like quiz to help you recognize yourself in more detail. Then I would recommend this book: "Earth Angels" by Doreen Virtue (the light blue cover). I hope this helps you Shannon. You are perfect the way you see yourself. Do not allow the views of others to bring doubt in your heart. Much love, light and smiles~Fabi

Aaron P. on Thursday, August 30, 2012 1:34 AM
Dear, FAbi. thank you for your Article, I also strongly Believe in my heart that i am an Incarnated Angel Warrior. Every trait that you listed for each describe me to a t. also its worth noting that a lightworker helped me to loosen up & overcome my fear of what others thought about me. along with facing many many fears bungee jumping, skydiving, battling bees(one of my biggest fears) i always helped this perticular lightworker and wouldn`t like to accept money for my services because i felt he did sooo soo much for me. it seems like he some how new i was afraid of bees & led me through trials where i ended up defending him from them(may sound silly) amongst other trails that i have faced that lead me to hear. others believe that my upside down view of the world ( in their eyes) is crazy. i have true friends and family who support me anyways and am very grateful & blessed to have them. also a reiki master; happened to mention something about feeling energy all through her finger tips after her first session with me( she said shes never had that before and shes been doing it for 20+ years) & she was an old friends mother & lightworker along with my mother who is a lightworker or earth angel....in sayin this i dont like to sound special or above others in any way. Completly sober now( although i did abuse marijuana & force feed myself and still kind of addicted to food not at all overweight i did it to gain muscle, have been working out hard for years to gain size and strength because i used to be so skinny.now have conquerd my fear of being to skinny & have accepted myself fully for who i am and have found inner peace. used to think i was a starseed indigo because i had traits there too but not soo sure anymore. anyways Thanks for your time Fabi! just curious on your thoughts on all this. - 20 year old Male
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Aaron P. on Thursday, August 30, 2012 1:44 AM
Also want to mention that i have a strong pull in this world to help change society, and feel as though im not afraid to die for this cause. i love life and everybody in it but i feel my purpose is to help the world in a very big way, and its hard for me to say no to anybody or turn anybody away even if they hurt me so bad. im still with my ex girlfriend who has broken my heart multiple times but she continues to fight for me back. and i see the good in ppl and its hard to stick to my own intuition, even thought i can read peoples intentions and i alwasy call people out on their lies. thanks again.

Fabi on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 4:09 PM
Dear Aaron, somehow your message slipped through the cracks and it is now that I am deleting SPAM that I see it. I completely understand where you are coming from. You ARE blessed to have a support system at home. It is part of your mission to have incarnated this time with your circle of light beings. Do not worry to much about which "label" you fit under. All of us, in whatever category we fit under are after all LIGHT & LOVE BEINGS/SOULS (weather we are warriors/lightworkers/ indigo/incarnated angels etc... we ALL share that common factor, our souls are aware of so much more! and we ea have different ways of accomplishing our goals). I usually advice people to dig in and FEEL who they are, b/c even though labels are not important. Sometimes they help you open up to kindred groups of souls. However, In your case, I feel strongly that you are a hybrid starseed Indigo soul and Incarnated Angel. (This means you have lived different life's with different hats/purposes). You have many of your psychic abilities and you can read people, feel their truth. Yes, you also see the goodness in them and stay b/c you believe that you can help them change. You can't change them, and in order to open up your wings you need to be surrounded by love and respect. Your girlfriend is not going to change simply by you staying and wishing it. I feel you linger behind, attached to her b/c of your own fears of loneliness. But you aren't alone. Only when you accept your true self and respect your needs, you will attract and manifest a more suitable mate. Accept yourself, and open up to growth and empowerment. It does not sound silly at all, your experience with the bees. We notice the small invisible anecdotes and notice the value they represent in our everyday life's. Continue to live in gratitude, but also please open up to your power, be assertive! Girish shared a valuable lesson in a post for this blog, learn to receive! ...you deserve to receive. Begin with LOVE. YOU DESERVE TO RECEIVE THE SAME LOVE YOU GIVE. ...nothing less. I do hope you continue your growth and LIVE well. Sending you Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi

Fabi on Saturday, November 3, 2012 2:42 PM
Hi there, thank you so much for your time and feedback. I am very glad that you found it helpful. It is a wonderful feeling to share and receive knowledge about who we are in essence! Love, Light, Smiles~Fabi
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Melissa Monster on Sunday, December 9, 2012 12:34 AM
I wrote a whole comment, but I'm really reluctant to post. I've got so many questions and so much on my mind.
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Fabi on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 3:23 PM
Dear Melissa, You will probably feel best by posting your questions and comments. If not here, where? How do you grow if you are held by fear? Live-Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi

Green Eyed Angel on Friday, February 1, 2013 5:30 AM
I am archangel, master nr. 11, 22 and lightworker. Fallen and bound in the abyss have i seen and expirience absolute darkness. Dark large darkwinged and whit a mission i now know that ive been wright all my life and that my role in the grand theater of life isn't one to be taken lightly. For long i doubded the essence of myself...for long i placed myself on the side of the dark and corrupt! Those whit understanding know me..."I will never tell a single lie, i have no need for it" Know that my spiritual yourney has been one of absolute extreme's...i know crowely's mind as if i knew him personally butt i equally feel and understand the way of the lightbearer's before me who gave birth to manny religions and spiritual path's. I am an advocate of creation an the will of one and let them who corupt the the will of one fear mè as they fear no other for my strengt is unrivaled. Ive learned things and apearances aren't alway's what they apeare to be. And yet i am a child in a hurtfull world afraid and uncertain of my destiny. I am nothing but an instrument of source and my only purpose is tho fullfil my mission. Remeberthings are not alway's what they apeare to be and manny things i have carried blame for justfull and unjust. Samael 17/07/1987 777
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 10:54 PM
I apologize it has been a few years. Much has happened. I lost access to my accounts for almost a year, and di not see ANY of these responses. It has now been so long ago, how do you feel now in reference to your response?

Cookie on Thursday, February 21, 2013 5:08 PM
I've noticed there are 4 categories you mentioned . My question is: Is it even possible for a person to be in all four of them ? Based on what u mentioned and those you didn't mention (Smiles) 100% STARSEED INDIGO 100% INCARNATED EARTH ANGELS 80% LIGHTWARRIOR 50% LIGHTWORKER I don't have a difficult life now... But yet, I feel there are things I need to do, yet... I don't think I'm capable/want to do it. Then again... Here I am, again and again trying to find confirmations over and over again to what I've already know. I'm always seeking yet refusing help. It's Ironic n contradictory. It's almost like: "Knowing the Answers yet what WAS the Question?"
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Fabi on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 3:31 PM
Cookie, You keep finding yourself at blogs and similar social networks b/c you are being guided to live in your natural inner light. Yes, you do know the answers. But you also think about the social prosecution that may come if you speak your true nature. Which keeps you "confused", you are ready. Ultimately, it is up to you WHEN you accept your true being. But understand that you will constantly feel a battle between what you think society will accept, and your soul's awakening and knowledge. The reason you fit into many "categories" is b/c of past life lessons. Are you ready to connect with your inner peaceful being? Live-Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi

Kris on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 8:05 AM
Hahaha I so know where you were coming from! Thank you for making me smile :D Much love to you!

Girish on Thursday, March 21, 2013 5:36 AM
Aahhh.... I have had all such experience that you have shared in your article. Planet Earth is a great mess now, especially because of manipulations from dark people. I have seen/felt all sort of s**t up here. People going crazy after power, lust, greed. It all seemed pointless to me and I was in a big confusion weather to live my way or the other way. But after awakening I understood one thing which has made my life lot more better and progressive. We, the starseeds/lightworkers/higher souls/angels... come from peaceful relhms and over there living with these attributes is absolutely fine coz everyone lives in harmony. However, on earth if we live with these traits, we end up struggling and may even lead to suicudal thoughts as well, which I have gone through. I know we are here to teach our ways to earth beings and to lift earth's vibrations. But do you think your own friends/family/anybody for that matter would even listen to us. NOOO...... So, I think our job here is to learn earthy ways of living, get abundant (in every aspect of our live) in this system and then try teaching our ways to others. doesn't mean that we fight for power/lust. It simply means that we live out our passion and success will follow us. Very important: We must learn to RECEIVE. I know we are great at giving coz its our nature. But trust me, until we learn to program our mind to receive, its gonna be a tough time fo us in here. Please learn to receive, weather its Money, Respect, Appreciation etc...... We deserve to receive and there is lot lot lot lot lot waiting for us to just program our mind to receive. Once we are ready, you would just see wonders coming your way.... This is one of the top secrets that I have explored myself. Gosh, I' am so happy now. Thanks Fabi!!
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Fabi on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 3:41 PM
Dear Girish, Thank you so much for taking the time to share. You brought up many EXCELLENT points. The most important, that we need to learn to receive. It can be a tough lesson to learn for us, b/c naturally we enjoy giving without worry of loss. We know that the universe will provide. I have shared this before, for me it was a tough lesson to learn. I understand the anger and lonely emotions you and others have experienced. I have also felt like that growing up. But I have to disagree, I DO BELIEVE people "friends/neighbors and perfect strangers" WILL LISTEN. ...under Divine timing! You see, we can't force change in anyone. But we certainly can live and how by example. When people are ready, they will seek for us. Keep your spirit up. For each soul that awakens (even at a small level of awareness), it already has lifted the vibration of the universe as a whole. Each grain of sand makes a difference. Our "job" or life lesson IS to live and learn from this Earth plane, but it is also to teach and share LOVE. I do hope you visit in the near future, and reconnect again. Sending you Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi

Consuela on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 10:36 PM
I have seen number sequences all of my life. I just chalked it up as coincidental happenings. I have always felt out of place with in my own family even though I am loved.. and society in general. I have felt as if there was a purpose with my-life and I have not ever feared of dying. I have had 2 experiences in my 38 years of nearly dying once by accident and once by my own hand. I have premonitions of when people pass away close to me, I will know this just by an overwhelming feeling of sadness for no reason. I have dreams that come true, I have always known when a boyfriend was either lying to me or cheating on me. Relationships and I do not work out. I can feel others emotions, negativity makes me physically ill, my head and neck will hurt. Now, in the last 2 years. I have quit my full time job, went back to college, ended a serious relationship on no real basis other than I knew in my heart it wouldn't last, and now I work with helping the elderly and disabled. ( but the negativity from others while doing this job wears my body and spirit down)I have to take naps on a nearly daily basis, just to recharge my body. I feel as if Im going crazy at times from the loneliness and not being able to say or understand what's going on with in me. I've always felt as if I had magical powers, but just didn't know how to use them, I'm very close to animals and love to garden. Everything I tend to plant grows. I'm just now tapping into the potential that I have. And, I really would like some direction as to where I should go from here. I believe I am a Lightworker. Thanks for writing the blog. It has been very insightful for me. ~~Blessings~~
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 10:58 PM
I apologize it has been a few years Consuela. Much has happened. I lost access to my accounts for almost a year, and did not see ANY of these responses. It has now been so long ago, how do you feel now in reference to your response? Thank you for sharing your perspective. Do you still work with the elderly? How do you feel emotionally and Spiritually now?

sonda on Monday, June 24, 2013 5:22 PM
Oh yeah! I am a starseed light warrior!
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 10:59 PM
Hi Sonda, welcome to the realization. :)

Kris on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 6:28 PM
Thank you so much for this website and to my guides for bringing me here! I have thouroughly enjoyed reading everones posts! Much love and light to you all on your spiritual journey and remember that you are never alone, ever! Lol xx
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:00 PM
Haha Kris, indeed we are NOT alone. I am glad that you enjoyed the website as well as everyones posts. thank you for sharing your comments.

Barbara on Friday, September 13, 2013 2:06 PM
Thank you Fabi for sharing a wonderful website, and Being Love & Light to humanity. ^_^
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:04 PM
Thank you Barbara for the kind words, and for taking the time to leave a message.

Madeleine on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:03 PM
I've been struggling with this feeling all my life. The feeling if not belonging, as though I am watching reality through a window, and that I am not whole, like part of me is missing and I'm not completely "awake" in this world. I feel like a zoologist studying chimps. I understand (somewhat) humans, however I do not fit in with them. No matter how hard I may try I am always passed over or ignored. I have allowed others to take advantage of me out of a desire to be useful or helpful to the point where I become numb and no longer care that they are hurting me. I feel in my soul I am a good person but my mind always harbours doubt because of how people treat me and make me feel I am bad or unworthy. I'm very conflicted because while I have this desire to help people I also am an introvert and don't particularly enjoy being around people. I feel I am in an constant battle with myself. I feel like I'm a Knight Palladin Earth Angel. As a child I had my father make wooden swords for me and fantasizes about fighting but also flying. In these fantasies I have huge greyish white wings and a strong desire to protect people. I have an obsession with angel's specifically their wings. I also am greatly intrigued by the concept of the Nephilim and the fallibility of angels. Perhaps because it echoes my own uncertainties. I wish greatly for some kind of confirmation of my suspicions. I have prayed to the angels to guide me and give me a sign but I don't know that it has been answered. I feel wounded. I'm glad I found you're site as I can finally give voice to my feelings. Please excuse any spelling/grammatical errors as I an on my phone. Thank-you, Madeleine
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:09 PM
Hello Madaleine, Thank you for sharing your experiences. The mere fact that you were guided to find this blog was to receive confirmation of who you are. T trust your intuition and to work on self healing and love to yourself. I apologize it has been a year or so, I lost access to the account connected to my emails and responses. How are you doing now days?

Stefan on Saturday, March 21, 2015 3:17 PM
Hi,how are you guys ? :) Im an indigo,i have many characteristics of all Indigo types how i call them,starseed,emphats,worklighters,workwarrior etc..I will tell you todays experience.I was at home,feeling depressed,lonely,with a lot on my mind to think about so i decided to go in walk,in the only place where i think i belong a 101%,into forest,nature..As soon as i walked into the beginning on the forest i felt instantly peace,calmness,quiet.I felt present of someone or something,spirits maybe,an Angel ? I knew i wasn!t alone and i felt joy.Felt like that trees was looking at me,they came alive like in the Lord Of The Rings,the birds stop singing,it was like all eyes on me,it was weird but wooow..I have very strong connection with nature,i love it and wish to live there,maybe one day :)One day i will come here with a story of my life and who i believe i am for real,very soon so stay tuned,..Keep your heads up,spread Love everywhere,be Love and stay strong people,nothing last forever so your sruggles will come to an end.Peace&Love&Light..
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:12 PM
Hi Stefan, thank you for sharing, what a lovely experience. I hope all is well.

Brooke on Sunday, June 21, 2015 12:19 AM
Hi Fabi. I also have never commented on any sites over the years but feel I could share. I have always been different. I am almost 20 years old and I must say I believe to be a Starseed from Andromeda/Pleiades. I am currently undergoing the Ascension process. I have lost my affective ego and have given up absolutely everything you can imagine this past week. Habits, addictions, materialism, relationships. I am currently alone with my journey, besides the non-physical friends and support I have. This is all happening for humanity. I have and am willing to give up everything, even the stuff I enjoy, just to help create change for everybody. I know humans are conscious of their choices, even if not on a larger scale. They still know right and wrong. I feel deeply hurt that nobody cares when there are many of us who give up everything to help them. I have felt like I have been in a huge pressure cooker and the Angelic team has been pushing me forward daily in massive steps. I began to wake up when I was 14 years old due to 11:1,. although I have been sensitive and have had encounters throughout my childhood. It has been one hell of a struggle trying to balance the Light and Dark. I have never fully understood 11:11 until this time. The Dark has really hurt me over the years, as it does everyone. The amount of pain has caused me to willingly face the reptilians and undertake all that I can. Thank you for your article. I always enjoy reading that I am not alone.
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Brooke on Sunday, June 21, 2015 12:28 AM
Could you shed some light on the 144,000 if you know anything about those beings? Thank you.

SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:24 PM
Hi Brooke, thank you for sharing both your comments. Trust that all happened as is meant to be. You were guided here. You felt at ease, you felt comfort. You resonated, and you shared openly. This IS a sacred space and I extend a protection web to my blog visitors, those that share their comments. The 144,000 refers to the "original" volunteers that chose to come to earth. Know there have always been waves of people connecting and remembering their purpose, and fully on living it. From my understanding there is technically more than 144,000 because there are parallel existences. And many come in and out of their 3D one under Divine timing or personal will. I apologize for the delay of response. trust your intuition. -Love and Light~SANDYFABIOLA

Brooke on Sunday, June 21, 2015 12:23 AM
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Ashley on Friday, October 9, 2015 12:18 PM
Hello! I have been waiting for something like this to come along and explain why I have always felt different. I knew I was different from when I was little. I was odd. My parents knew it and I knew it. I embraced being different. I have many ( if not all ) of the characteristics of the light worker and light warrior. I know things I feel things and notice things others don't. When my friends are struggling I know before they say anything to me. I am right 90% of the time ( not in a bad boastful way but you get the idea) I can see the whole picture and put things together like no one else I know. I have always been more in touch with nature and animals than others. I can communicate with animals through my energy. I have recently had my own awakening. And it has opened doors for me. As well as my eyes. I am still learning and want to learn more. Are there any books or other things I could do to become more in touch with these feelings? I want to learn how to meditate. I have been working on balancing my chakras but I want to know more. Can you help?
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:29 PM
Hello Ashley, I am glad you found your way to this blog. It feels good to finally understand and connect with your being from a young age to your current state. You are intuitive, ask for best suitable books for you, and wait for the signs/ guidance. How are you feeling after a few months. I apologize it's been a while. I didn't have access to my account. Love and Light, SANDYFABIOLA

Michael lyle on Friday, May 6, 2016 8:58 PM
You are very close. Very close to the truth. Why not simply come out and say it? I threw the gauntlet down tonight on facebook. I leave myself at great personal risk. Why won't others do the same? Do you not feel the calling?
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SANDYFABIOLA on Saturday, July 9, 2016 11:30 PM
Michael, what do you mean?

Juliann chamberlain on Monday, December 26, 2016 1:05 PM
hello, My name is Juliann. I can truly relate to you. The words you personally write. And I at 26 years old realized I was always open just unaware. You found words to describe myself that I had yet to find myself. It's breathtaking. At the end of reading about the incarnated angel soul I burst into tears, and felt the firm and loving touch of my guides. A series of random google searches has led me to this page. Months and months. Nothing has truly reached me more then these words. I would Ike to thank you for this. You wrote this for many reasons and I was one of them.
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Abigail on Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:18 PM
Thank you for this website. It has touched me on a level unlike any other. I used to be one of Jehovahs Wittnesses so when you mentioned about the 144,000 it really hit home. However I remember that as a witness we always said that that was a number for the ruling class. Those who are going to help rule over mankind. As a witness I knew I was different. I identify with a lot of the categories and have done a lot of living in a short time. At 26 I am now starting to wake up as I felt like I have been slept walking for a long time. I even numb my emotions down to deal with certain negative emotional situations. I am at a point where I am where I am comparing what I have learnt to what I am currently learning. So I feel like ultimately I will have to choose a reality. But I also know there is so much more to learn, however more in on original volunteers would be great! Also was there a time period for this? Also what about the rest of us? If we choose to come here from another dimension, does that mean then we like bleed through the lines? Thanks!
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Jaffe on Saturday, May 20, 2017 3:43 AM
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Eric on Thursday, June 1, 2017 3:05 PM
Hello there and I read this article. I see my traits like everywhere at it, which seems weird...I often struggled with emotions, but my lightwarrior side was always there. I saw myself fighting darkness in dreams or meditations quite often, but I also have a lightwaorker side as well. I see myself as Earth Angel since I have elemental and incarnated angel side. I want to help others, heal, connect to nature, I care about 3rd World countries, strong connection to God and Heaven and everybody...But I often felt like I am missing something, my home...Sirius council talked to me and asked to leave (since I tried visit through meditation/astral projects) and it seems it wasn't my home. I felt Universe calling me from 2 or 3 galaxies...Until I saw Pleiades, I feel connected to them. I am not sure where I belong fully (since I had Walk-Ins) but my memories (clearest ones are Babilon Death, American native deaths from Europeans when they attacked us, WW1 or other war where Japanese samurais (as well me) attacked Korea or China), dreams and meditations show I am balanced lightworker and lightwarrior. As well I have angelic side (I can control my vibrations anytime and anywhere how I want...) or feeling lots of light coming not from Earth (might be Heaven...) as well I feel connected to Pleiades. I even had knowledges I didn't know yet, wanting "correct" teachers. I am not sure, but I think I might be lightwarrior/lightowrker balanced Earth Angel Starseed (might be weird balance and mixture of Walk-In) I am confused, though my intuition says it...I am not sure if it can be possible such variety of it. I also used to see myself as "split" sides which always ought (one good one bad) though we did get along and our decisions were correctly! I also wrote a book in past and saw vision of galacticcal war near Earth (might be "future or past" visions...) and most names were corect. I feel it is some of my fantasy, but science fiction part with battle seemed so real and lke I have "been there" (including Akashi records book we tried to get before enemy (like Reptilian, Annunaki or demon Asmodeus) gets it. This book did affect my awankening a lot with some life routine or manifestations. And thank you for reading it. I started drawing and most before drawing I think of UFO stuff (like ships, creatures) or weapons, Holy items, angelic things, Light... I am not sure if it is truth and please, could any one help me or give some advice? Thank you very much! Blessings, love and light! :)
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Eric on Thursday, June 1, 2017 3:09 PM
*which we always fought

Kovar on Saturday, June 17, 2017 1:57 AM
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tiffany hearts on Saturday, August 5, 2017 6:10 PM
wow i realized i was a light worker/warrior. at first at thought i was a light worker, but then i read things about light warriors and i realized i am both, because i share both of their characteristics.
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Meagan on Thursday, September 21, 2017 12:26 PM
*Hello, I found your article very interesting. I gave been told by my angels and guides that I am an earth angel, and I love also been told by awakened people to whom I gave readings to that I felt like an Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal Child. I am also a balance between a Lightworker and a Lightwarrior. I'm a little confused as to why I'm all of these things, or if there's a reason for all these titles which I gladly take on. I'm young, 18, and I'm going to pursue a career in being a professional intuitive, a medium, and a reiki healer. But I also help souls who immerse themselves in darkness to come into the light, and move on to become one with Spirit and to be reincarnated. I was wondering if you yourself had any experience with this kind of thing.*
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Meagan on Thursday, September 21, 2017 12:28 PM
I meant have, not love. Haha, autocorrect 😅

www on Friday, October 6, 2017 8:10 AM
Great article!
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SG on Friday, October